Streamline your litter cleanup efforts with powerful data capture and effortless reporting

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pieces of litter currently exist in the United States - less than 10% of the world estimate (Keep America Beautiful)


tons of plastic end up in the world's oceans each year (National Geographic)

Easily unlock valuable insights with just a quick scan, revealing...


Pinpoint brands and promote accountability by tracking their contribution to litter.

Carbon Avoidance

Witness real-time updates of your carbon statistics. Every scan of a recyclable item contributes to the growth of your carbon avoidance count, showcasing your dedication to sustainability.

Material Tracking

Obtain detailed insights into the composition of your litter and track weight totals for plastics, metals, paper, etc.


Utilize geolocation data from each scan to precisely pinpoint 'litter hotspots' for targeted intervention.

How it Works

01/ Register your collection team

Fill out a quick form to register your team.

02/ Download the app

Every member of your team can download the app and access our features.

03/ Scan the litter you collect

Either scan as you collect, or scan all collected waste at the end of your cleanup.

04/ View real-time data

We’ll show you detailed information about all of your scans as they happen.

05/ Generate reports

Showcase your cleanup efforts with a report created on our platform and share it worldwide.

WasteX Engine

The technology powering LitterX

The WasteX Engine uses AI technology to translate litter scans into the meaningful data captured on LitterX. Over 95% of barcoded goods can be processed for your organization to view, analyze and report on.

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LitterX Dashboard

Visualize your data on a custom dashboard

We empower litter groups with advanced technology and analytics, enabling them to gain comprehensive insights into the litter they collect. With over 24 data points, including brand identification, material composition, carbon impact, precise geolocation, and more!

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